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Orange blossom water, also called orange flower water, can be found in local stores and on Amazon and the websites for World Market and King Arthur Flour as of May 2014. It can also be made at home. Orange blossom water is distilled water made from bitter orange blossoms.


Used in Mideastern, Indian, and Turkish dishes, orange blossom water complements vanilla, almond, cream, lemon, and other citrus flavors. Try it in baklava, scones, and other delicate pastries.


Orange Blossom Water is something I always keep in stock around my home, and that I'm frequently questioned on in regards to its use. It's not a commonly found item in most grocery stores (unless you have a Middle Eastern market in your area), so I was thrilled to discover this seller carried it.


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Orange flower water (also commonly called orange blossom water) is scented water frequently found in Moroccan homes. You'll often find it applied as a perfume and freshener or used in culinary preparations as an ingredient.For the latter, it shows up in lengthy list desserts and sweets such as Moroccan rice pudding and Moroccan sweet rolls with anise and sesame, but you'll also find it add...


Orange blossom water works well most places rose water does, and you can use them more or less interchangeably. If you're looking to introduce orange blossom water into a recipe from scratch, start with a 1/2 teaspoon and take it from there.


Orange Flower Water by Heritage Store 4 oz Liquid Orange Flower Water 4 oz Liquid There's no place on Earth like the pungent fruity sweetness of a sunny orange grove. Aroma therapists consider the princess of the flowers a heart fragrance helpful for depression insomnia and nervous tension.


Max Falkowitz, a food writer for "Saveur" and "Food & Wine," describes the slightly bitter orange flavor in orange flower water as a field of wildflowers. You can't capture that exact mix of wild and tame oranges in substitutes for orange flower water, also called orange blossom water or azahar, but you can come close.


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Buy Blossom Water at a store near you. Choose from our four refreshing flavors: Lemon Rose, Grapefruit Lilac, Pomegranate Geranium, Plum Jasmine.