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Hardy kiwi berry vines bear fruit similar to the kiwifruit found in grocery stores, only its skin is smooth, and the fruit is much smaller and sweeter.


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Now, kiwis are getting the same tiny treatment, with the kiwi berry, a grape-sized, fuzz-less kiwi you can eat on the go. Though kiwi berries are basically just mini kiwis, the flavor isn't the same.


Despite their name, baby kiwis (aka mini kiwis, kiwi berries, kiwi grapes, cocktail kiwis, hardy kiwifruit, souris vegetale) are not actually immature conventional kiwis. Instead they are a variety of fuzz-free, grape-sized kiwi fruit with a striking emerald color occasionally tinged with red or yellow.


Kiwifruits are small, brown, fuzzy fruits that are actually berries. They have been shown to be the most nutritionally dense fruit commonly available. Eating several servings of kiwi per week has been shown to help children with breathing problems and they contain vitamins, minerals and fiber that are known to fight cancer.


Our Kiwi Vines. Kiwi fruit grow on vigorous vines. Grow them on trellises or espalier them along fences or walls for ornamental landscaping that also delivers fruit high in Vitamin C. Hardy kiwi vines, like the Issai, will produce smooth fruit in a range of climates in USDA zones 4-9.


Don’t rush to the store to buy over priced fruit, because Fuzzy kiwi vines are considered to be the easiest kiwi varieties to grow. When you purchase both a male and female plant for pollination, you will have large kiwi harvests providing all of the kiwis you’ve ever wanted, plus more.


The Vitamin C in Kiwi fruit also helps in tightening the skin pores. It gives elasticity to the skin by rising the percentage of collagen production. Consuming kiwi fruit juice on a regular basis stimulates the development of new cells in the skin layers. It also improves the hydration of the skin, thus making the skin younger and glowing.


The technical name is Actinidia arguta, but like Diddy himself, they have plenty of other monikers: hardy kiwifruit, arctic kiwi, baby kiwi, dessert kiwi, grape kiwi, and cocktail kiwi. They're ...


Produces sweeter fruit than regular Kiwi! Our cold hardy strain is a big improvement over the fuzzy, brown-skinned Kiwi. This rare Kiwi is a much sweeter tasting fruit. Grows much further north than the regular Kiwi. Fruits average about 3/4-1 1/2'' in diameter. Tastes somewhat like a tangy c...