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Kegs of beer are no longer the sole province of college students. A huge variety of beer types and brands now come in kegs. Beer cans and bottles may be convenient, but for flavor and value, nothing beats a beer keg.


Missouri- American-Style Lager- Brewed and sold since 1876, "The King of Beers" is the largest-selling beer in the world. Budweiser has been the world's best-selling beer since 1957, and is distributed in more than 70 countries. Read more


Pictured is an example of a popular keg, called the Sankey beer keg. The parts of this particular keg include the tap pump and the tap head. The tap pump is what increases the pressure inside the keg to force the beer out. The tap head (or spigot) is where the beer is dispensed.


A keg is a barrel that typically holds enough beer to serve guests at a large party or event. Buying a keg is simple, as long as you have the proper identification and money to pay deposits and beer costs.


Where to Buy Kegs Online. Alternatively, you are able to buy quality beer kegs from online stores these range from local stores offering an online service to giants such as Amazon offering kegs for sale. Finding beer kegs online is probably the easier way to finding quality kegs for a decent price.


craft beer keg prices: Below is an average range of prices for most craft beers. Some kegs, especially imported or higher alcohol beers, can vary significantly in price.


Why Buy A Kegerator? Kegerator Savings . Build a Cheap Kegerator. ... Directory of beer and keg distributors in all 50 states. Copy and paste your local distributor into Google Maps below. ALABAMA Beer /Keg Distributors : NEBRASKA Beer / Keg Distributors: ALASKA Beer/ Keg Distributors ...


admin where can i buy a keg of beer near me The Important Types of Kegs and its importance Generally human being wants to spend money for more purposes containing products to gain some essential benefits.


We sell over 200,000 beer kegs per year, each filled with a popular domestic lager, craft beer, ale or imported beer. Whether you’re checking keg prices to supply a large party or just your personal kegerator, we have the kegs of beer you want at the best prices.


Be prepared to lay down a deposit when you go to buy your keg. This deposit covers the keg itself, most likely made of either aluminum or stainless steel, in case of damages. Most places where kegs are sold will also sell or rent keg taps, plastic tubs and ice to keep your keg cold and the beer flowing smoothly.