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To preserve ginger root in syrup, peel the ginger, and cut it into slices or chunks. Soak the ginger pieces overnight, and then boil them in a saucepan on the stove. Let the ginger simmer over low heat until it is tender enough to pierce easily with a knife. Make simple...


Amazon is one source that sells different brands of ginger beer in single bottles or in packs of four to eight. Ginger beer is different than ginger ale, and the name is misleading because ginger beer is non-alcoholic.


Simple syrup is available for purchase at most grocery and liquor stores. It is an ingredient in many mixed drink recipes, such as mojitos and daiquiris.


The benefits of ginger relate to a variety of stomach problems. Some people find the root beneficial for low back pain. Manufacturers use it to add flavor and fragrance to products, according to WebMD.


Natural ginger spice is available in powdered form from Swanson Health Products, Ludden's Natural Products and iHerb.com, as of 2015. These three vendors sell organic powdered ginger root for use as a spice in recipes or herbal teas and blends.


Fresh ginger root can be purchased at most supermarkets and organic food retailers. This product can also be purchased online through websites like Amazon.com. The prices for this root vary by location and amount purchased.


Ginger is an herb that has a lot of beneficial medicinal uses, especially as a tea used to treat stomach issues. Some of the stomach issues it helps include morning sickness, colic, motion sickness and nausea.