Dried savory is an herb with a flavor that is similar to thyme crossed with mint. It also is in the mint family. The two main types of savory are the summer and winter varieties. More »

Dried poppies are available from Carolyn's Dried Flowers, Rachel's Flowers and Weddings, and Dried Flowers Direct. Available products range from small bunches to 10-pound bulk packages. More »

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Dried lavender flowers can be purchased from several different sources, including farmers' markets, online bulk food, herb, tea, spice and craft retailers, and some well-stocked grocery stores. Dried lavender flowers can... More »

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Some substitutes for summer savory are winter savory, thyme or thyme with a dash of sage or mint. Summer savory has a milder taste compared to winter savory and thyme herbs. The savory plant is characterized by its stron... More »

Substitute plain thyme or thyme with a pinch of sage or mint for summer savory. Thyme is a bit stronger than summer savory, but is still in the same flavor family. More »

Anise oil is a pure essential oil that is extracted directly from the herb anise; anise extract is a small amount of that essential oil mixed with other ingredients to create a flavoring solution for recipes. Anise oil i... More »

Marjoram, a tender perennial herb, is slow-growing from seed, so it is best to start with cuttings or plants. Plant them in full sun with well-drained soil about 12 inches apart. More »

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