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The modern dinner plate measures between 10 and 11 inches in diameter. The dinner plate is used more frequently than any other plate, holding the main course for each meal, no matter how formal.


There are many companies that specialize in the buying and selling of collectible plates, including Glassmenagerie.com, Platefinders.com, Atoncer.com and Collectorsplates.icollectorbazaar.com. Each site offers collectors a large inventory for purchase, as well as specif...


Specialty Care License plates are issued by each state's Department of Motor Vehicles to replace the standard plates that a car, truck, motorcycle or RV was given when registered. Each state's makes their own policy regarding license plates and their renewal, but normal...


When choosing a dinner tray, consider its purpose. If you want to use the tray for meals in bed, choose a dinner tray with a bean bag attached to its bottom. The bean bag allows the tray to stay balanced on the person's lap. Bean bag trays come in many designs, with car...


According to the Etiquette Scholar, there are 12 standardized plate types in use as of 2014. Some of these plates are used for daily meals while others are reserved for special occasions. Most dinnerware sets don't include all 12 types.


The websites 100DaysofRealFood.com, EatingWell.com, EatThisMuch.com and RealSimple.com offer free menu plans, all of which include sample dinner menus. Additionally, Eating Well and Eat This Much provide different meal planning options based on the number of calories a ...


As of 2015, a good location to purchase commemorative church plates is the Bryan China Company. The plates are often used for church fundraisers.