To adopt a sugar glider, first check the laws in your state to determine if the ownership of sugar gliders is legal or if they are considered restricted exotic animals. Next, find rescue groups, breeders, animal control ... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Rodents

Sugar gliders are generally sold in almost any part of the United States by hobby breeders, who usually keep several gliders as pets and sell their litters from time to time. Professional breeders may also be willing to ... More » Pets & Animals Pets

Sugar gliders are native to Australia and New Guinea. They live in forested areas, and they are named for their ability to leap and glide from tree to tree. Their gliding ability is derived from a flap of skin that conne... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Marsupials

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Breeders, specialty pet stores and individual pet owners sell exotic squirrel species such as sugar gliders and flying squirrels. Some individuals also keep native gray squirrels as pets. However, keeping a squirrel as a... More »

In the wild, sugar gliders feed on a wide variety of foods, the staples being eucalyptus gum, sap, insects, nectar and the excretory product of insects that eat nectar. They tend to feed opportunistically, eating whateve... More »

A sugar glider is a small, furry marsupial that has flaps of skin that allow it to glide. It is known to science as Petaurus breviceps and is native to Australia. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Monkeys