Subaru manufactures its cars in two factories, one located in Japan and the other in the United States. Only the Impreza, Legacy sedan, Tribeca, and Outback are produced in the United States. More »

Subaru manufactures its vehicles out of two manufacturing plants. One plant is located in Tokyo, Japan and the other located at its overseas headquarters in Lafayette, Indiana. More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

In April 2013, 10,137 2014-model Subaru Foresters were recalled due to a faulty floor mat design. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that the floor mats were susceptible to curling when exposed to h... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

Subaru automobiles are made by Fuji Heavy Industries, with the main manufacturing plant located in Gunma, Japan. Subaru also has several facilities based in the USA. More »

Fuji Heavy Industries of Japan is the parent company for Subaru of America and other Subaru operations offices around the world. American Subaru cars are either made in Indiana in the United States or in Japan. More »

There are two factories where Subarus are assembled; one in Lafayette, Indiana and one in Gunma, Japan. The plant in Indiana assembles the Legacy sedan, Outback and Tribeca crossovers. The Subaru BRZ, XV Crosstek, Imprez... More »

"PZEV" as used by Subaru in the United States stands for "Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle," a status conveyed on cars, trucks and SUVs that receive an overall rating of 9 out of 10 for their environmental impact. PZEV is ... More »