The moon will be located in more or less the eastern part of the sky when it rises, and in more or less the western part of the sky when it sets. Between rising and setting, it will be found in the southern part of the s... More »

The songs “Duke of Earl,” “Blue Moon, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” and “16 Candles” are examples of doo wop songs. Characterized by a “ top and bottom” format developed by singer Bill Kenny, doo wop’s distinctive features ... More » Art & Literature

Any time the moon appears orange in the sky, it's because of light diffusion and refraction in the atmosphere. When the moon is low in the sky, the blue light reflected from its surface is scattered in the dense atmosphe... More » Science Astronomy Our Moon

The moon moves across the sky every night. The movement of the moon can be seen over the course of minutes when the moon is near the horizon, while it is rising and setting. The moon’s movement is also noticeable around ... More »

The moon appears to change size depending on its location in the sky because of the phenomenon called the moon illusion. The apparent change in size occurs because of how the viewer's brain interprets the visual data it ... More »

The moon rises in the eastern sky and sets in the western sky because of Earth's rotation. Its rising and setting positions vary throughout the year from northeast/northwest to due east/west to southeast/southwest. More » offers text and graphical information about the location of the moon in the sky relative to any U.S. or Canadian location. Additionally, displays a star chart of the moon's position in... More »