The average depth of the Arctic Ocean is approximately 3,953 feet. Its deepest point, which measures 18,456 feet, is located at the latitude of 77 degrees and 45 minutes North and the longitude of 175 degrees West. More »

The temperature of the Arctic Ocean can reach 32 degrees F in the summer and -22 degrees F in the winter. A sheet of ice covers the ocean for much of the year, and from October to June, it is ice locked. The Arctic Ocean... More »

The Arctic Ocean touches North America, Asia and Europe. The ocean lies in the Northern Hemisphere and sits predominately north of the Arctic Circle. More »

The Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean in the world and is about 8 percent of the size of the Pacific Ocean. Its water is consistently cold with temperatures ranging between minus 30 to minus 70 degrees Celsius throughou... More »

The average depth of the ocean is approximately 14,000 feet (4,267 meters), which is equivalent to 2.65 miles. The average depth of the ocean includes the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern and Arctic oceans. More »

The ocean's average depth is 2.65 miles, which is equivalent to roughly 14,000 feet. The deepest known area of the ocean, Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench, is 36,200 feet deep, 6.86 miles from the surface. More »

The deepest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean with an average depth of 13,740 feet. The deepest point in the Pacific Ocean is the Mariana Trench at 36,200 feet. More »