Puerto Rico is an island located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Situated east of the Dominican Republic, it lies about 1,000 miles southeast of Miami, Fla. It is part of the Greater Antilles, a group o... More »

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Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is east of the Dominican Republic and about 1,000 miles southeast of Miami, Fla. More »

A good map of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is available from U.S. News & World Report in its 'Travel' section. The map includes the major roadways and key cities located throughout the mountainous territory and also m... More »

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Puerto Rico is part of the United States. Though it is not a U.S. state, it is a Commonwealth of the United States, and Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. More »

Puerto Rico is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The island is located about 1,000 miles off the coast of Florida, and is part of the West Indies, a string of islands. More »

It takes around 5 1/2 to seven hours to drive around the island of Puerto Rico. The island is 100 by 39 miles, with a perimeter of 278 miles. The average speed limit is 55 miles per hour as of 2015. More »

Airports in Puerto Rico include Luis Munoz Marin International, Rafael Hernandez Airport, Eugenio M. De Hostos Airport, Mercedita Airport and Antonio Rivera Rodriquez Airport. Private airports with no scheduled flights i... More »

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