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Panama is located on the narrow and low Isthmus of Panama. This S-shaped isthmus is situated between 7° and 10° north latitude and 77° and 83° west longitude. Panama encompasses approximately 77,082 square kilometers (29,762 sq mi), is 772 kilometers (480 mi) in length, and is between 60 and 177 kilometers (37 and 110 mi) in width.


Panama, the capital city of the Republic of Panama is positioned between the Pacific Ocean and the tropical rainforest, whereas the country, Panama is the southernmost country of Central America. Panama City enjoys unique geographical location between the Pacific Ocean and tropical rain forest.


Location of Panama on a map. Panama is the capital city of Panama. It has a population of 408,168, and is located on a latitue of 8.99 and longitude of -79.52. Panama is also the political center of Panama, which is considered a Republic, and home to its Executive head of state. Quick Facts About Panama, the Capital Of Panama


The sandy beach coastlines of Panama merge into forested lowlands that rise into the foothills of the inland mountain ranges. The eastern third of Panama (the Darien province) is a sparsely populated land of rain forests, rivers and swampy lowlands bordered by high mountain peaks. The Darian Gap, fronting the border with Colombia, is an ...


Panama enjoys a lively mix of cultural influences, expressed in the country’s cuisine, artwork, music, and literature. Its capital, Panama City, is located on the Pacific coast just east of the canal.A cosmopolitan city where skyscrapers tower above whitewashed bungalows, it enjoys a handsome setting and a growing importance as a commercial and financial services centre for the region.


Panama has an area of approximately 29,120 square miles and an estimated population of 3,608,431 as of July 2014. Panama City is the capital city and it is the largest city in Panama. Panama City is located on the Pacific Ocean coastline of the county. Located on the Atlantic Ocean coast is Colon, which is the second largest city in Panama.


GEOGRAPHY. Panama Table of Contents. Panama is located on the narrowest and lowest part of the Isthmus of Panama that links North America and South America. This S-shaped part of the isthmus is situated between 7° and 10° north latitude and 77° and 83° west longitude. Slightly smaller than South Carolina, Panama encompasses approximately ...


Map of Panama. GEOGRAPHY. This Central American country is bordered by Costa Rica and Colombia, and is situated between the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. Panama is a narrow land bridge, or isthmus, connecting North and South America.


Panama is located in Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, between Colombia and Costa Rica. It mostly lies between latitudes 7° and 10°N, and longitudes 77° and 83°W (a small area lies west of 83°). Its location on the Isthmus of Panama is strategic.


The new Panamanian government authorized French businessman Philippe Bunau-Varilla, to negotiate a treaty with the United States. The Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty allowed the U.S. to build the Panama Canal and provided for perpetual control of a zone five-miles wide on either side of the canal.