The Panama Canal cuts across the isthmus of Panama providing ship passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It runs from the city of Colon on the Atlantic side to Balboa on the Pacific side. More »

Panama is located to the south of Columbia and to the north of Costa Rica in Central America. Panama is at the southern end of Central America isthmus, which is a narrow piece of land connecting two larger pieces of land... More »

The capital of Panama is Panama City. Panama City is located near the center of the country, adjacent to the Canal Zone, and it has been the capital of Panama since the country achieved independence from Colombia in 1903... More »

As of 2014, the Panama Canal is owned and controlled by Panama. The United States owned and operated the canal until 1999. The United States gave control over to Panama step by step starting in 1979, and full ownership w... More »

Although Panama is known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests and rich culture, it is primarily famous for the Panama Canal. Sometimes called the eighth wonder of the world, this man-made canal cuts 48 miles acros... More »

As of 2014, there are three sets of locks in the Panama Canal: the three-chambered Gatun Locks, the one-chambered Pedro Miguel Locks and the two-chambered Miraflores Locks. Each lock is built double to accommodate two in... More »

According to PanCanal, it is possible that upwards of 22,000 people died building the Panama Canal. According to hospital records, 5,609 died of diseases and accidents and of these, 4,500 were West Indian workers. More »