MWR refers to the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division of the U.S. Navy, which provides a network of services and recreational programs that are available to all Navy personnel and their families. The Norfolk MWR divi... More » Government & Politics Military

Norfolk, Va. is not located in a county. Norfolk is an independent city; its city government is run by a city manager and a city council elected to represent the city's districts, rather than by a county government. More »

Royal Norfolk dishes are available online at or eBay, as of 2015. It is also possible to purchase Royal Norfolk plates online at or in Dollar Tree stores. Both individual pieces and sets are ava... More »

MWR military travel refers to the recreational travel of military personnel and their families. The "MWR" in MWR military travel stands for morale, welfare and recreation. More » Government & Politics Military

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service is a military-run organization providing shops and services for active service military personnel, reserves, retirees and their families. The exchange maintains facilities in all 5... More » Government & Politics Military

The 81st Regional Support Command provides services to its core customers, including soldiers, their families and eligible civilians. The 81st Regional Support Command operates in the Southeast Region and Puerto Region, ... More » Government & Politics Military

While Walter Reed offers a truly diverse range of both impatient and outpatient services, the primary foci and specializations are those attending to sick, wounded and recovering uniformed personnel and their families. A... More » Government & Politics Military