The easiest way to find the right polling place is to look on the state's website. Most of them provide a list of polling places for upcoming elections by location, as well as other important voting information. More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

There are a number of ways to find polling places, including by visiting the website of the secretary of state in the state where the voter is registered. There are also online search tools provided by websites such as T... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission website has a comprehensive resource for finding local polling stations by state at its website, A large graphic of the United States facilitates location of resources by ... More » Government & Politics Politics

To find a local polling station, use a website, such as Trigger The Vote, click Find My Polling Place, choose your state, and click Find Out Now. The website takes you to the polling place look-up service of the specific... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

Regardless of the type of election, the specific place where people go to vote is simply called a polling place. Cities and states are divided into areas with specific boundaries, called precincts, which are created to e... More »

In Georgia, early voting is a privilege for all registered voters in the state, and doing so only requires finding an early-voting polling location. A resident must also have an approved form of identification when going... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections

Visit your state's official state government website to learn about your elected officials. The websites of the states of Missouri, Connecticut, Ohio and New Jersey are examples of state websites that have information ab... More » Government & Politics Politics Elections