A picture of the human body with the location of the pancreas is located at WebMD.com. The pancreas and the duct connecting it to the small intestine are highlighted in green. More »

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If viewing a picture of the internal organs of a human lying in the supine position, the liver is the large, triangular organ in the upper quadrant of the body, to the direct upper left of the stomach and below the diaph... More »

MedicineNet, WebMD and InnerBody are three sites with online image databases including illustrations and photographs of human pancreases which users can search for, save and use for their own reference. These images are ... More »

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WebMD.com, Theodora.com and NucleusCatalog.com are websites that offer free anatomy charts of the human abdomen. The charts provided include comprehensive diagrams of the male and female abdomen from the front, side and ... More »

www.reference.com Science Human Anatomy

To read a muscle diagram of the human body, find the name of a muscle, then find that muscle's location in the body by following the corresponding arrow or line. Detailed muscle diagrams tend to focus on the muscles in a... More »

Food is needed by the human body for energy, to repair and build cells and to prevent sickness and heal from it. While it is possible to obtain nutrients in a scientifically controlled manner, common food is the most eff... More »

Detailed, interactive pictures of the human body can be found at sites such as InnerBody.com and HealthLine.com. Both of these sites allow users to view the body as a whole or click on specific parts or regions for a clo... More »