Austria is located in Central Europe at the geographic coordinates of 47.20 degrees North and 13.20 degrees East. The country shares a north and northwestern border with Germany, a northeastern border with the Czech Repu... More » Geography Europe

Austria is in the center of Europe, with Italy and Slovenia to its south and Germany and the Czech Republic to its north. Austria is north of the Bay of Venice, and the Alps run through much of the country. More »

The capital of Austria is Vienna, which is in the eastern section of the country. Vienna is located along the Danube River's banks in Europe, and it is the largest city in Austria. It has an area of 160.1 square miles, a... More » Geography Europe

The absolute location of Rome, Italy is at the latitude of 41 degrees and 54 minutes North and longitude of 12 degrees and 29 minutes East. The capital city is situated in the western region of the Apennine Mountains and... More »

Austria is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It shares a border with eight other countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland More » Geography Europe

Jordan is located in the Middle East at the geographic coordinates of 31 00 degrees North and 36 00 degrees East. The country shares a border with Israel, the West Bank and Egypt to the west and Saudi Arabia to the east ... More » Geography

Austria is most famous for its cultural heritage, the alps and coffee. In particular regard to culture, several Austrian composers have played key roles in the history of music. The mountains of the alps have also been t... More »