As of 2014, the source of the Amazon River is the Mantaro River in the Peruvian Andes. The source of the Amazon River has always been hotly debated, and until 1971, the Apurimac River was considered the source of the Ama... More »

The mouth of the Amazon river is located in Northern Brazil. The ecoregion of this area is described as neotropical. More »

The Amazon River, which has its beginnings in the South American country of Peru, ends by pouring into the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil, near the city of Macapa. The river is about 4,000 miles long. More » Geography Bodies of Water

People use the Amazon River for water, food, travel and scientific discovery. In fact, the Amazon River alone adds 20 percent of freshwater into the ocean and is possibly the longest river in the world. More »

The Amazon River supplies more fresh water to the world’s oceans than any other river. It also has the more tributaries than any other river and the world’s largest watershed. Though a National Geographic article publish... More »

The Amazon River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Before the Andes Mountains were lifted up during the geological Laramide Revolution about 65 million years ago, the Amazon flowed into the Pacific Ocean. More »

The Amazon River begins in the Peruvian Andes and flows east until it ends at the Atlantic Ocean. It is the second longest river after the Nile and flows through the countries of Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivi... More »