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Where does money come from? Money doesn’t grow on trees. Your parents have to work in a job to get it. The plastic notes come from a place called the Federal Reserve Bank of Australia.


Where money comes from. When I first came to Earth, I didn’t know what money was – until I ran out of gas! I had to figure out how to get gas money – and other things – on Earth. So, I looked everywhere for money…under rocks, in stores, in trees – everywhere! Then I learned where money really comes from. It all starts here, at the ...


Where does money come from? - People have been using types of money for thousands of years as a form of trading. For example, a butcher could trade meat to a tailor in exchange for a new shirt. But if the butcher needs a new shirt...


What should children know about money by the time they are five years old, and what can I do to help them learn? How can I explain to my children where money comes from? I have a pre-schooler who is starting to ask for treats when we go shopping. What can I do to start teaching her that things cost money?


What is money and how does it work? ... Where does money come from? Hint: It doesn’t really grow on trees! Most people get their money by earning it through work! ... Using the Fun Kids Website Hello, please go grab Mum, Dad or another grown up to have a read through this.


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Kids can ask some challenging questions when it comes to money and finances. Although these questions might be uncomfortable, your child’s curiosity opens the door for a discussion that can set the stage for good financial habits.


Activity - Expanding pocket money. Gradually expand older children’s pocket money so they learn to budget for their toiletries, clothing, sports and social activities, etc. Work out what you spend on your child in one of these areas in a year, divide by 12 and give this to them as a monthly allowance.