Welfare money is taken from government revenue, which in turn comes from numerous sources, such as income taxes, social insurance taxes, ad valorem taxes, fees and charges. For 2015, the United States has allotted 8 perc... More »

Presidential campaign money comes from a combination of fundraising and the Super PAC, a specialized political action committee. Large donations to the Super PAC are most likely to come from wealthy individuals; in 2012,... More »

If a 401(k) plan allows loans, employees can borrow at least $10,000 and a maximum of the lesser of 50 percent of the vested account balance or $50,000 as of 2015, reports the IRS. The account holder must pay back the lo... More »

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The main sources of government income are income, sales and property taxes and fees. State, county and local governments also receive grant money from the federal government. More »

The charges for a typical cell phone plan include charges for the plan itself, which may include air time for calls, text message costs, data rates and various fees along with federal and state taxes. A typical fee is on... More »

In addition to negotiating directly with the doctor or hospital, there are multiple avenues for getting help with medical bills, including federal and state government assistance and private sources, as detailed by U.S. ... More »

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EBay has three primary sources of revenue: PayPal fees, marketplaces and eBay Enterprises. During 2012, eBay revenues totaled $14.1 billion, and estimates for 2014 revenues sit at $16.1 billion, which means that it trade... More »

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