According to, transmission fluid for Volkswagen Jetta models 2005-2014 is added through the dipstick tube in the engine. Before adding the fluid, check the current fluid level to ensure that the addition... More »

Adding transmission fluid to an Isuzu Rodeo involves removing the bolt to the transmission case and pumping the fluid in by hand using a pump. This is the only way to add fluid, since there is no valve under the hood to ... More »

To change transmission fluid, remove the bolts from the transmission pan, and allow all the fluid to drain out. Replace the filter, re-attach the pan, and add fresh transmission fluid. More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Transmission

To diagnose automatic transmission problems, check for a low transmission fluid level, which leads to poor shifting of a vehicle and gradually causes damage to the transmission, and check for leaks in the filler tube bas... More »

Refill the automatic transmission fluid on most vehicles by pulling the dipstick, inserting a long stem funnel in the dipstick tube, and adding the fluid. Only use the transmission fluid the manufacturer recommends, and ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Transmission

To check the transmission fluid level, find the dipstick, remove it completely, and wipe it with a rag before pushing the dipstick back into the transmission all the way and removing it again. The point that the fluid re... More »

An automatic gearbox uses a system that includes fluid coupling to transfer the engine's power to the transmission and a set of planetary gears that are locked or unlocked in different combinations to engage different ge... More »