Roaches live around the world but are most common in tropical and subtropical climates. Pest species are attracted to human habitations by warmth and readily available food. More » Pets & Animals Bugs

Once an roach reaches adulthood, it lives about 400 days on average. A cockroach's life is divided into two other stages before adulthood: the egg stage and a variable number of nymphal instars. More »

When roaches invade a house, it's important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. These dirty insects damage books and wallpaper, snack on your food and spread germs to humans. More »

Factors that can lead to an infestation of roaches include an untidy house, having a hot or humid house and living in an apartment. Roaches tend to thrive in areas of the United States that are hot and humid, such as Flo... More »

Some species of roaches fly, while others don't. Some roaches can fly briefly, while others can only glide. Even roaches that have wings are not necessarily capable of flight. More » Pets & Animals Bugs

Cockroaches practice sexual reproduction. While the reproduction process can vary slightly from species to species, in most cases the female roach releases pheromones to attract a mate. The male roach then deposits his s... More »

To get rid of cockroaches, clean the home thoroughly, and use sticky boards to identify the insect's nesting sites. Then use cockroach baits, boric acid and diatomaceous earth to kill the insects. Most cockroach infestat... More »