The red-tailed hawk has very few predators, but crows and great-horned owls prey on baby red-tailed nestlings and eggs. Owls also fight with one another over nesting sites and may kill nestlings and destroy eggs during t... More »

Generally, a hawk is any small to medium accipitrid that is not an eagle. Hawks are birds of prey and can be identified by their predatory characteristics. This means that they have sharp talons and hooked beaks, and ten... More » Pets & Animals Birds Hawks

At least 17 species of hawks live in North America including the red-tailed hawk, common black hawk, Cooper's hawk, gray hawk, rough-legged hawk and sharp-shinned hawk. Hawks tend to live in coniferous trees and wet area... More »

Rattlesnakes are preyed upon by birds of prey, such as owls, eagles, hawks, ravens, crows and roadrunners, as well as foxes, coyotes, wild cats, badgers, feral pigs, jays, kingfishers, turkeys, shrikes and other snakes. ... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Snakes

Red-tailed hawks eat a variety of animals, including rodents and other birds. The birds are also known to eat reptiles, although these make up a smaller part of their diet. The red-tailed hawks' large and powerful talons... More » Pets & Animals Birds Hawks

Blue herons are carnivores that eat a variety of aquatic and land prey, including fish, frogs, turtles, young birds, bird eggs, snakes, insects, mice, moles, gophers and other small mammals. While they live in colonies, ... More »

The length of time it takes a pair of pigeons to incubate eggs and bring up nestlings is about 43 to 50 days. Pigeons may produce up to six broods a year. More »