Ants build their nests in burrows of their own making under rocks or in fallen trees or decayed and moist wood. Ants can be found almost anywhere in the world with the exception of extremely remote islands and Antarctica... More »

Red ants eat nearly anything that they can find including plants and other insects. The ants are scavengers and take advantage of many food sources. More »

Some species of ants include carpenter ants and pavements ants. Carpenter ants are named after the fact that they build nests inside wood, and pavement ants get their name because they prefer to live in cracks in or unde... More »

Silverfish and army ants have a symbiotic relationship, as silverfish will often mask themselves with the ant's chemical scent in order to infiltrate the ants' nests to access food and shelter, although the silverfish do... More »

Penguins use sticks, rocks, grass and other types of debris to build burrows and nests when they need to shelter their eggs and young. About 3/4 of the time, though, penguins are in the water, protected by feathers that ... More »

Carpenter ants bite when their nests are disturbed. Biting is a defense mechanism for the carpenter ant, which uses its strong wood-cutting mandible to ward off any potential intruders. More » Pets & Animals Bugs Ants

To find tiny carpenter ants in a house, you can check for nests in damps areas, such as a floor near a leaky roof, a bathroom or an attic. To find the nest, poke small holes in the wall. Following an ant is another way t... More »