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Rabbits might not seem like part of the family at first, but these social animals thrive when surrounding by their favorite people. Giving them the right amount of attention often means keeping your rabbit indoors at least part of the day, but he can sleep outside if you prefer, at least in most cases.


Rabbits may appear to be crepuscular, but their natural inclination is toward nocturnal activity. In 2011, the average sleep time of a rabbit in captivity was calculated at 8.4 hours per day. As with other prey animals, rabbits often sleep with their eyes open, so that sudden movements will awaken the rabbit to respond to potential danger.


My reference guides make it sound like the winter life of rabbits is barely different from summer’s except that they change their diet from leaves to twigs. I find it hard to believe that that’s the only difference. If you know what rabbits do and where they go in the winter, please leave a comment to let me know.


How to Care for an Outdoor Rabbit. If you choose to keep a pet rabbit outdoors either all or part of the time, proper precautions need to be taken to keep your bunny happy and healthy. Domesticated rabbits need an outdoor home that is...


If you are a first-time rabbit owner, it is normal to be bothered by how long do such pets nap, and whether rabbits sleep through the night. This is because it looks like this pet is always awake. Bunnies do sleep, and they can sleep with their eyes open.


As prey animals, rabbits are in constant danger of becoming predator snacks. Your pet rabbit's sleeping habits don't differ significantly from his wild ancestors. Even though he's safe in your home or outside in a hutch, he's always aware that some carnivorous species could devour him. To ensure ...


Do rabbits sleep during the day or night? Rabbits are crepuscular animals, which means they're most active first thing in the morning and last thing at night. These are the ideal times to play with it and do fun activities. You should know that a rabbit's survival is down to its permanent state of alertness. This is why it naps at midday or ...


You surely do know the expression to sleep like a rabbit but you probably never gave it much thought. Yet if your little furry friend is a rabbit, you might have noticed he’s got some weird sleeping patterns. So how do rabbits sleep? If you’ve never seen an actual rabbit sleeping, you might not fully […]


For WILD rabbits, use Regular Goats Milk (found in the carton at your grocery) or KMR, NOT Esbilac. Provide a soft nest area in a box with clean towels, and cover the babies so it is dark. Do not provide extra heat if the room temperature is at least 65 to 70o F because excessive heat can be fatal.


Wherever possible, it is best to respect this natural daily routine and avoid disturbing your rabbit during its sleeping times. Rabbits can learn to sleep through a certain amount of everyday noise but don't try to cuddle them in their den or get them out for a play - the result is likely to be a grumpy rabbit who is then less willing to ...