Tigers live in Asia, which is where their natural habitats are. They are most likely found in the swamps, grasslands and rain forests of Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Russia. More »

A tiger lives most of its life alone in its personal territory, staying in a den during the day and hunting large prey animals at night for food. During mating season, tigers meet only briefly to mate. The female raises ... More »

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The world's tiger species are distributed throughout geographically diverse regions of Asia. According to the Miami Museum of Science and the World Wildlife Federation, tigers reside chiefly in India, China, Korea and Ru... More »

Tigers live in the rainforest as well as in a range of other habitats. The five tiger subspecies that are still alive are found in tropical lowlands, forests, woodlands, tall-grass jungles and swamps across Asia. More »

Tigers live in a number of different habitats, such as, rocky country, tropical forests, woodlands, grasslands, mangrove swamps, savanna and evergreen forests. Tigers used to roam freely in regions spanning from Turkey t... More »

Tigers are indigenous to Asia, and as a result, they are not normally found in the wild in Africa. However, there are tigers living in Africa in zoos and other wildlife reservations. More »

Tigers are solitary animals and do not often form family groups. Tigers do interact with each other when they come into contact in the wild. More »