The most common gnats within a home are fungus gnats, which claim soil from plants as their habitat. Gnats inside a home can also be due to having fruit flies and/or phorid flies. More »

Gnat infestations in the home are typically caused by fungus gnats. These gnats are attracted to moist conditions with organic material. Over-watered house plants, places of condensation and rotting vegetation are the co... More »

Methods to repel gnats include eliminating places where they gather, trapping them with a solution of vinegar and dish soap, drawing their attention away by wearing a hat and avoiding scented products. There are many che... More »

To get rid of gnats inside the home, remove any potential food and water sources. If gnats are living in damp areas, such as under sinks, repairs may be required to stop leaks. Eliminating gnats can take several days if ... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Flies

According to Natural News, gnats are attracted to warm, moist environments and decomposing produce. Swarms of gnats congregate in swampy areas, such as creek beds and soggy riverbanks. They are also attracted to rotting ... More »

There are a number of reasons that gnats will fly around a person's head, including the smell of a shampoo. Gnats are attracted to fruit smells, and a number of shampoo products have fruit fragrance added to the product. More »

“Pecker gnats” is a slang term used when referring to gnats that gather around a dog’s genital area. Gnats feed on plant liquids, animal fluids and other insects, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica. More »