Like most insects, cockroaches are born from eggs that are laid by the female cockroach. These eggs are encased in an egg case, which can be dropped by the female in a damp area or remain attached to her until they hatch... More » Pets & Animals Bugs

The earliest roach fossils are thought to come from the Carboniferous period more than 345 million years ago. Modern cockroaches are said to have evolved from these ancient insects. The first modern cockroach appeared du... More »

The physical appearance of cockroaches varies depending on what stage of life the insects are in as well as their specific breed. Male and female cockroaches also vary in appearance: males are generally much larger than ... More »

An albino cockroach would be a cockroach that has a congenital disorder that lends it a reduced amount of pigment in its body. However, albinism is completely unknown in cockroaches, and so-called "albino" cockroaches ar... More » Pets & Animals Bugs

Cockroaches and other small insects and animals can survive being in an operating microwave because these ovens do not uniformly heat the interior volume. Instead, they form hotspots approximately 7.5 centimeters apart t... More »

It takes between six months and one year for a newborn cockroach to become an adult. An adult cockroach has wings and is able to reproduce. The lifespan of an American cockroach is about one year. More »

Waterbugs are aquatic insects that spend most of the time in water, whereas cockroaches are adaptable insects that enjoy moist places but are not aquatic. Waterbugs eat insects, small fish and tadpoles. Cockroaches are s... More » Pets & Animals Bugs