While cheetahs live throughout Africa, they are the most abundant in the grasslands of East Africa and the desert areas of Namibia, which is a Southwestern country in Africa. Cheetos can also be seen in various zoos and ... More »

While they may live as long as 10 to 12 years, few cheetahs in the wild survive more than eight years. When kept in captivity, cheetahs generally live 10 to 12 years and may live as long as 20. More »

Male cheetahs may live alone or in small groups, usually with their litter mates; adult females tend to live with their cubs for up to two years. Otherwise, adult females live alone and are less social than males. More »

The cheetah is a wildcat that lives in the grasslands of Africa and a small portion of western Asia. Perhaps the most notable fact about this creature is its speed. Scientists have clocked it at running up to 70 miles pe... More »

The cheetah lives in preserves in southern and eastern Africa, and in parts of Algeria, Niger and Iran. Its habitat consists primarily of grasslands and savannas, where it can easily chase its prey. More »

Tigers live in a number of different habitats, such as, rocky country, tropical forests, woodlands, grasslands, mangrove swamps, savanna and evergreen forests. Tigers used to roam freely in regions spanning from Turkey t... More »

A cheetah has spots because the spots act as camouflage, helping the animal to blend more effectively into the grasslands where it lives. Not only is its fur spotted, but so is its skin. More »