Frequently asked questions about butterflies. ... of grass or into a crevice in rocks, or find some other shelter, and sleep. How do butterflies spend the winter?

When butterflies cannot keep their temperatures at activity levels, when it's cloudy , or at night they become quiescent. This quiescence, or resting, is not ...

Jan 22, 2013 ... Here's a collection of images of some 'sleeping butterflies' I've come across in ... take advantage of a time in which there is nothing better to do.

Jan 6, 2017 ... I can hear you saying, "Why do you keep saying 'most'? Aren't moths the ones that fly at night and butterflies the ones that sleep at night?".

Oct 4, 2018 ... Quiescence, or resting, is not equivalent to human sleep. Because they do not have eyelids, butterflies always have their eyes open.

Sleeping is a kind of long term resting, but our brain won't be idle at the time of sleeping, it will do some critical operations as we allow the brain ...

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There are thousands of interesting facts about butterflies. ... Butterflies do not sleep (no eyelids) but they do rest at night and can become inactive on cloudy days ...

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