The Calusa Indians lived in southwestern Florida. These Indians were some of the first that were written about by the explorers from Spain and it is believed that they could have numbered well into the thousands. More » History Modern History US History

A coastal tribe in southwest Florida, the Calusa Indians primarily lived on foods that they could get from the water. They caught catfish, eels, oysters, lobsters, and other aquatic life. More »

The Potawatomi Indians lived in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Ontario. This tribe inhabited a large area of land, but their numbers were relatively small compared to other tribes, with estimates of aro... More » History Modern History US History

Originally, the Ojibwa Indians lived around the Great Lakes region of the United States. As the years went on, the Anishinabe, as they called themselves, spread out into other parts of Michigan and also into Canada. More »

The Mohawk Indian tribe was a group of Iroquois-speaking Indians that lived in the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York. The region of the Mohawk Indians extended from Quebec and Ontario all the way to Vermont. More »

The Penobscot Indians are native to Maine. Traditionally, the Penobscot Indians were hunter-gatherers, which meant that they traveled from place to place in the different seasons. The land that they currently live on is ... More » History Modern History US History

The Iroquois, who were a group of five tribes, lived in New York, mostly along the St. Lawrence River. This tribe of Indians lived in permanent homes, although these homes were moved every 20 years or so due to the soil ... More »