Pugs originated in China before moving to Europe and Japan. While the exact origins of the breed may be somewhat of a mystery, it is known that the pug has been around since about 400 B.C. More »

According to The Nest, pugs can smell bad when their wrinkles are not properly cleaned. They can also smell bad due to blocked anal glands or unclean ears. More »

A Chinese pug is just another name for the breed of dog known more commonly as a pug. The breed is descended from small dogs imported from China into England and the Netherlands in the 1600s. More »

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As of 2014, the average cost to purchase a purebred pug puppy is between $900 and $1,500. However, this price range can vary from breeder to breeder and from state to state, so researching thoroughly before purchasing is... More »

Deciduous forests describe the primary type of forest found in eastern North America and China, Europe, Japan and parts of South America. These locations constitute many different kinds of people and a large portion of t... More »

The Silk Road connected China, Japan, Persia (also known as Iran), India, Arabia (called Saudi Arabia today) and Europe. The Silk Road began as an overland route to the West, but as nautical prowess increased, it became ... More »

People can find rescued pugs for adoption through national pet rescue organizations, such as Pet Finder and AdoptaPet.com, as well as through national organizations that specialize in pug adoptions, such as the Pug Rescu... More »

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