Algebra has its beginning in the cultures of ancient Egypt and Babylonia between 1800 and 1600 B.C. Mathematicians of the time could solve for unknowns, but only used positive numbers. Their mathematics involved the use ... More » Math Algebra

Algebra has been developed over thousands of years in several different countries. The earliest methods for solving mathematical problems with one or more unknown quantities come from ancient Egypt. The word "algebra" it... More »

Algebra is important because it provides a foundation for all higher-level math courses. People use algebra when they attend college and in many careers, such as computer science and architecture. More »

Algebra is a method of solving mathematical equations in a way that allows a person to derive unknown quantities, such as bank interest, percentages or proportions. The use of letter variables in algebra to represent unk... More »

Algebra tutorials are available from a variety of online sources. Some of the most popular algebra tutorials are available from Khan Academy,,, and More » Math Algebra

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