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Retailers such as FedEx and Office Depot offer paper shredding at their store locations, a list of which is available through the companies' websites. Mobile shredding services are also available through companies such as Shred-it, which pick up documents requiring shredding from businesses or resid


To find local paper shredding services, search for Office Depot, FedEx or Shred-it service centers in your area. Their websites feature an office locator to help you find a service center near you. Use your city, ZIP code or state to find their stores.


Many municipal recycling programs do not allow shredded paper because it is difficult to sort and results in low-quality recycled paper. In areas where this is the case, other options include throwing the paper in the garbage, composting it and using it as packing material.


Find local businesses that offer document shredding services through sites such as Yelp.com, Yellowpages.com and FourSquare.com. Some document shredding companies, such as Shred-It, also operate community shredding events. These events are typically communicated through the company's e-mail newslett


The security of public paper shredding varies depending on the firm chosen to carry out the services. The Paper Shredding Services Review rates the top 10 public paper shredders between fair and excellent in document security.


One way to find out about free local paper shredding events is to check the events section at city government websites. These events might also be advertised in local newspapers and on the local television news. Free paper shredding events are community events that are often held at central location


While major companies like FedEx and Office Depot have low cost, in-store shredding services, free shredding is often offered through private companies or local governments. The city of Houston holds free mobile shredding events around the city for residents who want to destroy confidential paper do


Companies that offer free paper-shredding services include Marc’s of Marc Glassman Inc. in Ohio, Pioneer SecureShred Inc. in Minneapolis and Comerica Bank in Texas. Shred Right in Minnesota provides a free paper-shredding service for the public at the company’s shred events.


Paper shredding services are typically based on the amount of paper to be shredded; paper can be measured in terms of numbers of bankers' boxes or file cabinets. Offices that require regular shredding services can establish payment schedules based on frequency of service as well as amount of shreddi


Private businesses as well as select municipalities in New Jersey periodically offer free shredding events. Information about these events typically appears in regional newspapers or on local government websites.