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Citizen Scientists track hummingbird migration each fall and spring as hummingbirds travel to and from their wintering grounds.


Hummingbird Migration is the flight to and from their Winter homes in Mexico and Central America.See our state by state hummingbird migration map/table listing the average arrival dates.Some interesting observations how climate change is affecting the Hummingbird Migration!


In other regions, the best time to put out hummingbird feeders depends on the season and local hummingbird populations. Climate: Mild climates and warmer areas are attractive to hummingbirds in early spring. In those areas, it is best to start feeding hummingbirds earlier so they always have a good nectar source to visit.


Planting the right flowers is an important element in establishing the right environment for attracting hummingbirds. But you need another key attractant: the hummingbird feeder! They come in all shapes and sizes; some are plastic, others glass. Some are vertical and others horizontal. How to pick the right feeders »


So, what you see or don’t see at your own feeders does not necessarily reflect what is happening to a species as a whole—none of the North American species of hummingbirds is in any trouble at the population level right now.


How will following the Hummingbird Migration Spring 2019 help hummingbirds! In the Spring, the annual hummingbird migration to their Summer destination begins! These gorgeous birds travel from their winter homes in South or Central America and Mexico towards the refreshing breezes in the north.


The Web's premier place to learn about hummingbirds. Google has stopped offering free, anonymous use of its map API, which partially automated the location of sightings by zip/postal code using a utility a smart fellow wrote for me (and which I do not understand).


In 2018, we received over 6,500 "first sighting reports" and were able to post 3,200 to our migration map. The map has now been viewed over 5,460,000 times during the six years we have monitored the hummingbird migration! Shown below is our current map of hummingbird sightings in 2019 across the U.S. and Canada, as reported by our website viewers.


Zoom In or Out – Take advantage of the Google map functionality by zooming in on the map right to the street level, or zoom out to see more of the hummingbird migration map. Hummingbird Migration Facts - Learn more about the process hummingbirds take to prepare for and accomplish their amazing northern and southern migrations.


Weekly Migration News: February 22 - May 16, 2019. Join us as we track hummingbirds as they travel to their wintering grounds. Citizen scientists across North America are observing seasonal changes and reporting hummingbird sightings.