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The synaptic vesicle cycle. The events of the synaptic vesicle cycle can be divided into a few key steps: 1. Trafficking to the synapse. Synaptic vesicle components are initially trafficked to the synapse using members of the kinesin motor family. In C. elegans the major motor for synaptic vesicles is UNC-104.


Synaptic vesicles contain a neurotransmitter There is more types of vesicles than … these four, you'll need to find out which type of vesicle you are referring to. ( Full Answer ) share with friends


The structure indicated is a synaptic vesicle located in a presynaptic bouton.. Synaptic vesicles are structures found at synaptic terminals which contain various different types of neurotransmitter, the chemicals which mediate neurotransmission.. Synaptic vesicles are contained within pools within the nerve terminal.


What triggers exocytosis of synaptic vesicles a. Arrival of a local potential at the cell body b. Hyperpolarization of the postsynaptic membrane c. Neurotransmitters binding to the postsynaptic membrane d. The influx of calcium ions into the axon terminal

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Medical definition of synaptic vesicle: a small secretory vesicle that contains a neurotransmitter, is found inside an axon near the presynaptic membrane, and releases its contents into the synaptic cleft after fusing with the membrane.


The synapse is located at the terminal endpoint of an axon. It includes three parts: the synaptic knob on the axon, the synaptic cleft which is the space between the nerve and the target cell, and ...


synaptic vesicle n. Any of several small, intracellular, membrane-bound vesicles at a synaptic junction of neurons that contain a neurotransmitter. synaptic vesicle A membranous sac located within the presynaptic membrane of an axon terminal and containing a neurotransmitter. See also: vesicle synaptic pertaining to a synapse. synaptic cleft a narrow ...


B. Synaptic vesicles (a rather old term, now simply referred to as storage vesicles) are located in the axon terminal of the neuron. THe closest answer is "B' at the ends of axons only.


At a chemical synapse, one neuron releases neurotransmitter molecules into a small space (the synaptic cleft) that is adjacent to another neuron. The neurotransmitters are contained within small sacs called synaptic vesicles, and are released into the synaptic cleft by exocytosis.


Nervous Tissue - Ch 12. STUDY. PLAY. the larger of the two nerve cells, they generate and transmit nerve impulses. ... found at the end of the telodendria, they contain synaptic vesicles. axon terminals. ... Where are synaptic vesicles located?