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Inland stromatolites can also be found in saline waters in Cuatro Ciénegas, a unique ecosystem in the Mexican desert, and in Lake Alchichica, a maar lake in Mexico's Oriental Basin. The only open marine environment where modern stromatolites are known to prosper is the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas.


Environments where modern stromatolites are found typically are hypersaline, but also include areas of high alkalinity, low nutrients, high or low temperatures, and strong wave or current actions. The obvious pattern emerges that modern stromatolites tend to exist in areas that most other life forms consider less desirable or possibly intolerable.


Living and fossil stromatolites are usually no more than half a meter tall and are found in marine environments. In contrast, the Capitol Reef Stromatolites are up to five meters in height and appear in thin carbonate beds associated with interdune deposits.


What Are Stromatolites? Stromatolites are large formations of rocks that have been formed by the growth of multiple layers of bacteria over a very long period of time. These usually take the shape of mounds, columns and sheets.


Oldest fossils on Earth discovered in 3.7bn-year-old Greenland rocks ... While Lane says it is surprising to have found stromatolites in the Greenland rocks, he believes the conditions on Earth 3 ...


Finally, stromatolites can be found in the intertidal sites along sandy beaches along Stocking Island (Reid et al, 2000), and Highborne Cay (Reid et al, 2000). The stromatolites along Stocking Island reef complex extend up to 1km along the beach and form back reef, and reef-flat faces of algae ridges (Reid et al, 2000).


The cyanobacteria and the stromatolites they created thrived all through the Archaen Eon and into the Proterozoic Era. Their fossils have been found in many places around the world. They were especially adapted to shallow costal waters. There are living stromatolites today but they are very rare.


Stromatolite: Stromatolite, layered deposit, mainly of limestone, formed by the growth of blue-green algae (primitive one-celled organisms). These structures are usually characterized by thin, alternating light and dark layers that may be flat, hummocky, or dome-shaped. The alternating layers are largely


The oldest Stromatolites in the world are found in Western Australia, and date to 3.7 billion years old. As such, the stromatolites provide a record of local environmental changes. Hamelin Pool in Western Australia is one of only four places on earth where living marine stromatolites exist and the location contains by far the biggest colony on ...


Picture of living stromatolites that may be up to 1, 000 years old. Shark Bay, Western Australia, Indian Ocean. Fossil stromatolites are the oldest known life forms on earth up to 3.5 billion years. Picture #: 039502. Stock photo of living stromatolites that may be up to 1, 000 years old. Shark Bay, Western Australia, Indian Ocean.