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Spore-producing plants include ferns, mushrooms, liverworts, hornworts and mosses. Other plants that produce spores are rusts, smuts, earthstars, stinkhorns and horsetails. Spores are reproductive bodies that can be sexual or asexual.


"Spore" is a simulation game released in 2008 for Macintosh and Windows computers. The game merges a number of different genres together, with the overall goal being to evolve a complex species from a single cell.


The "Spore Creature Creator" free trial edition is available for download at Spore.com. The game demo is available for PC and Mac, and players can purchase the full game on the same site.


DanTDM from TheDiamondMinecart and jacksepticeye are gamers who host YouTube channels where they play through and comment on the videogame "Spore" during several episodes. To find these channels, search on YouTube for TheDiamondMinecart and jacksepticeye.


"Spore" is, in essence, an evolutionary simulator within which you can guide a species development from the first stages of evolution until that species is capable of conquering or destroying other planets. Beginning with the selection of the desirable species and a hom...


The registration code for the "Spore" game is located in the manual that came with the game. The manual is found within the case containing the game CD.


Seeds, when compared to spores, have distinct advantages due to their hard outer shells and internal structures called endosperms, which provide essential nutrients for enclosed seedlings. Seeds are found only in flowering plants and gymnosperms. They contain embryos de...