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Samsung phones can be purchased from wireless service providers such as Verizon, as well as from electronics retailers such as Best Buy. General retailers such as Amazon and Overstock also sell various models of Samsung phone.


As of September 2015, Samsung offers dozens of phones, including four models of its Galaxy S6 smartphone, the Contour flip phone, the Rugby II heavy-duty phone, the Freeform 4 full-keyboard phone and the Smiley slider phone. Samsung offers phones for all major cell carriers.


One tip for using a Samsung phone is using the Quick Settings menu and then pressing and holding the Wi-fi button to instantly go to Wi-Fi settings and make necessary changes. Quick Settings also provides links to changing Bluetooth and other phone settings.


Get a new Samsung phone from AT&T by purchasing the phone for full price or using the AT&T Next program to pay for the phone in monthly installments, as of 2015. Both options require a valid AT&T service contract. It is also possible to buy a prepaid AT&T Samsung phone.


Common problems with Samsung phones include cracked screens, frozen screens, battery drain, the phone not powering on and the Wi-Fi not connecting. Audio and microphone issues, camera issues and overheating are also common. Other problems depend on the specific model.


Use the drag-and-drop method on either a Windows or Mac computer to transfer your music to a Samsung phone. Alternatively, use Windows Media Player to sync your music files on a Windows PC, or upload the files to a cloud service to download onto your phone.


Samsung offers a cell phone comparison tool on their website. Compare cell phones in a variety of categories including available carriers, color, operating system, sensor type and fun and entertainment. Other categories include memory, network, connectivity, display and user interface.


Samsung's website has a support page with a library of ready-made answers for common questions about Samsung devices, including answers to common troubleshooting problems. The website also provides ways to contact customer support directly, including via online chat with a live agent or by calling t


Find a list of prices for new Samsung phones on retail sites such as Amazon.com, BestBuy.com and Target.com. Used smartphone resellers such as Glyde and Gazelle also contain price lists for different models of Samsung Galaxy phones on their websites.


A list of all Samsung phone models contains all current and previous cellphones produced by the company Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung's website contains a list of all its current cellphones. The website GSMArena.co displays a list of the several hundred Samsung cellphones produced since 1996