Some common materials used for making clothes include cotton, silk, rayon, wool, polyester, linen and nylon. Fur, leather and denim are other materials used for making clothes. More »

To find clothes made in the United States, an individual can research brands and read clothing labels. Often, brand-name clothing lists their country of manufacture online. Brands that manufacture clothing in America inc... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

As of 2014, Hennes & Mauritz AB outsources production to about 900 suppliers, 80 percent of whom are in Asia and the rest in Europe and Africa. The designs are created in Sweden. More »

The main difference between organza and organdy is that organza is usually made from silk, rayon or polyester, while organdy is made from nylon or cotton. The two materials are extremely similar in appearance and texture... More »

Satin fabric can contain silk, wool, cotton, polyester, rayon and acetate fibers. What makes a fabric satin is not the type of fibers that it is made of but rather the type of weave that is used in bringing those fibers ... More »

Chenille is made from cotton, silk, rayon or wool. It has a velvety texture, and it comes in yarn or fabric form. The yarn is thick and soft, while the fabric has a protruding pile and is made from the chenille yarn. More »

Faille is a type of ribbed fabric traditionally made from silk, although it may contain cotton, cotton blends, wool or manufactured fibers, such as rayon. It was used extensively for formal wear during the 1940s and 1950... More »