In most atoms, electrons occupy a zone exterior to the nucleus. Though electrons are often represented as particles in discreet orbits around the nucleus, they cannot be said to occupy a specific point in space. Rather, ... More »

Electrons are found in parts of an atom called shells that cover different energy levels and are referred to by the letters K, L, M, N, O, P and Q. More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

Both protons and neutrons are found in the nucleus of an atom. The third type of particle that an atom has, electrons, are found in orbitals outside of the nucleus. More »

The nucleus of an atom is surrounded by particles called electrons. These electrons revolve around the nucleus in paths called orbitals, which vary in their complexity. More »

Rutherford's nuclear model of the atom is a planetary model with electrons orbiting around a compact nucleus of protons, and it serves as the basic model of the atom. His proposed electron orbitals were relatively simple... More »

A nucleus of an atom can be compared to the sun of a solar system because the nucleus, like the sun, is the largest part of an atom and its electrons orbit around it, much like planets in a solar system. Atoms can also g... More »

The atomic radius describes the size of the atom, and although there is no standard definition for the value, it is the distance between the nucleus and the outermost electrons. Atomic radii tend to increase moving down ... More »