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According to the Shark Foundation, sharks are found in most of the Earth’s oceans and seas. The highest shark biodiversity occurs in the warm waters of the tropics, but many species are found in Arctic and Antarctic waters as well. Some sharks, for example bull sharks, are even capable of swimming u


Sharks appear to have evolved from fish between 400 and 450 million years ago, during the Early Devonian period. The earliest known sharks were fairly small and measured just 12 to 16 inches long. They appear to have lived near or on what is now Antarctica.


Sharks live in every ocean of the world, with most species occupying waters no deeper than 7,000 feet. The Portuguese dogfish is the deepest-living shark and can be found at a depth of 12,000 feet. Some sharks, such as the bull shark, are capable of surviving in fresh water.


Sharks are found in every ocean in the world and are sometimes found out of their habitat in rivers and streams. There are around 368 species of sharks in the world.


Shark products are made in China. The Shark brand name, however, is owned by a company that originated in Europe and is, as of 2015, now based in the United States.


The largest species of shark is the whale shark, which averages about 40,000 pounds in weight and between 18 and 32 feet in length. The largest such shark ever recorded weighed approximately 47,000 pounds and measured almost 42 feet long.


Whale sharks live in all seas that are tropical or warm-temperate. Generally whale sharks range no further south than South America and no further north than the United States. They prefer warmer waters near the equator.


Bull sharks live in coastal waters throughout the world, and they are even sometimes found inland in large rivers. Bull sharks are unique because they can live in fresh water for a long time, unlike many other sharks. They are solitary creatures, and they are usually only seen together during mating


Tiger sharks live in both open and coastal ocean areas at depths as low as 460 feet. They are commonly located in tropical and sub-tropical waters such as the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, Australia and New Zealand.


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