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Meteors are mostly made up of rock and iron, and they come from either asteroids or comets. When fragments of an asteroid or a comet break off, they are called meteoroids while they travel through space. When a meteoroid enters the Earth's atmosphere, it becomes a meteo...


According to the Center for Meteorite Studies at the Arizona State University, meteorites are believed to come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Hubblesite defines a meteorite as a meteor or a piece of meteor that makes it through the atmosphere and lands...


Most meteors that enter the Earth's atmosphere are pieces of asteroids from the asteroid belt. The meteors were formed more than 4 billion years ago during what is thought to be the early stages of the solar system.


A meteor is defined as a piece of material that passes through Earth’s atmosphere. While it is traveling through space and before it enters the atmosphere, a meteor is called a meteoroid.


Meteors from Mars arrive on Earth as the result of impacts on the planet by other bodies, which launch material out into space. Some of this debris is pulled in by the gravity of the Earth, falling as Martian meteorites.


Meteor is the name given to an object as it falls through the Earth's atmosphere. The same object is called a meteoroid when it's outside the atmosphere and a meteorite when it's found intact on the Earth.


Meteor showers occur regularly as Earth's orbit takes it through areas of space debris. As the debris enters the atmosphere, heat causes it to burn up, resulting in the streaks of light that are commonly known as shooting stars. The debris itself is most often leftover ...