Marin le Bourgeois developed the first flintlock gun, which is the predecessor to the rifle. Captain Patrick Ferguson of Pitfours, Scotland is known for inventing the first breech-loading rifle, which was used by the Bri... More »

Prolific inventor and mechanic Walter Hunt patented the repeating rifle in 1849. Hunt dubbed the gun the "Volitional Repeater" and later sold the rights to George Arrowsmith when he was unable to finance its production. ... More »

According to the National Rifle Association National Firearms Museums, the first Winchester rifle was the Winchester Model 1866; it was heavily based on the Henry rifle. The Henry rifle was a .44 rimfire rifle with a 16-... More » Government & Politics Law Guns & Weapons Laws

The first documented invention of a muzzleloaded weapon was by French artist and inventor Marin le Bourgeois. He invented the flintlock weapon for King Louis XIII of France in 1610. More »

Work began on the predecessor of the video cassette recorder (VCR), known as the videotape recorder (VTR), in 1952, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The project was developed by the Ampex Corporati... More »

The Henry 30-30 Golden Boy rifle is a modern lever-action repeating hunting rifle produced by Henry Repeating Arms. As of 2015, Henry no longer produces Golden Boy rifles in 30-30 caliber, though it offers other 30-30 ca... More » History Inventions

The first production model bolt-action rifle was developed by Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse in 1824. Calling it the Nadelgewehr, or "needle gun," Dreyse designed the rifle after years spent working on new breech-loading rif... More » History Inventions