While Australian aborigines were aware of the platypus long before Europeans came to Australia, Captain John Hunter is usually given credit as the animal's discoverer. He sent a platypus pelt and a sketch of the animal t... More »

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There is no official collective noun for the platypus animal because this mammal is typically a solitary creature, although a group of platypuses could be referred to as a "paddle." Collective nouns are usually created f... More »

The platypus is typically a silent animal, but it does make a low growling noise at times. The platypus growls most often when it's upset or disturbed. More »

The platypus typically lays one to three eggs at one time. After mating, it builds a nesting chamber before it is ready to lay the eggs. More »

According to the University of California at Berkeley, the duck-billed platypus and four species of spiny anteaters are the only mammals that lay eggs. All of them live in New Guinea and Australia. More »

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There is no official or generally accepted term for a baby platypus. Some people refer to baby platypuses as puggles, but that is more of a nickname than a proper title. Another name commonly used is "platypup." More »

A platypus is a mammal. However, it's an unusual mammal in that it lays eggs. This makes it a monotreme as well as a mammal. It's also an aquatic creature that has a bill that resembles a duck's. The males have spurs on ... More »