The first laptop computer, as most humans know them, was invented in 1981. It was created by a former book publisher named Adam Osborne and was called the Osborne 1. More »

Most historians believe the Osborne 1, invented by Adam Osborne in 1981, to be the first real portable computer. Weighing 24 pounds, including its 5-inch screen, the Osborne 1 was never a big success. More » History Inventions Computer History

Bill Moggridge, a man from Britain, was the inventor of the first laptop computer. He created the first computer in 1979, which was called the Grid Compass clamshell computer. More »

Local computer repair shops commonly provide services including basic personal computer or laptop repair, field and consulting services, laptop power-pin repair, laptop screen repair, estimates for insurance purposes and... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Although it can be used for other devices, a USB Y-cable is most commonly used to power an external hard drive with a computer or laptop. This type of cable provides more power to an external device than a traditional US... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To clean a laptop fan, shut the computer down, remove the battery and adapter, remove the access panel, blow out the fan with a can of compressed air, and replace the access panel. This is an easy process requiring a sma... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

When a laptop shuts off by itself, it is potentially caused by one of various issues, which often include an inefficient battery, a computer virus or overheating of the computer itself. It is possible to correct each of ... More »