John Sandford's first novel was "Rules of Prey," published in 1989. His novel "The Fool's Run" was published within three months of "Rules of Prey" by a different publisher. Sandford wrote these two novels using differen... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

John Sanford, under both his real name of John Camp and the Sanford pseudonym, has written 42 novels and four non-fiction books, as of 2015. Sanford invented the pen name because he published his first novels, "The Fool'... More » Art & Literature Literature Non-fiction

A complete list of John Grisham's books is available on his official website, also has information on each of his works, including customer ratings and reviews. He has written more than 30 novels... More » Art & Literature Literature

Some of the most popular books in John Sandford's "Prey" series are "Rules of Prey," "Gathering Prey" and "Field of Prey." There are 25 total novels in the best-selling detective series, as of June 2015. More » Art & Literature Literature

John Sanford's "Prey" series includes "Rules of Prey," "Shadow Prey," "Eyes of Prey," "Silent Prey" and "Winter Prey." The series consists of 25 books written from 1989 to the present. More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

John Sandford released a science fiction thriller entitled ”Saturn Run” on October 6, 2015, which is his latest novel as of 2015. The release date for his subsequent novel is scheduled for sometime in April 2016. It is e... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction

The "Prey" and the "Kidd" series are the only two John Sandford book series that were written and should be read in chronological order. Fans can read the "Singular Menace" and "Virgil Flower" series in any order they ch... More » Art & Literature Literature Fiction