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Weaning from mother’s milk to solid food is an essential step in the development of every puppy. Eating solid food indicates that the puppy is developing normally and will soon be ready to move onto his new home. Introduce new food slowly to avoid digestive upset.


J ust like with your other children, the proper feeding schedule is a must for a puppy. Introducing solid foods and water too soon or too late can be detrimental to her health, growth and well-being. There are some general rules to follow on when to introduce food and water instead of milk.


If the puppy has not already started to eat from its mother's dish, introduce it to solid food by 6 weeks of age. Add warm water or milk to dry food in order to make digestion easier. Be watchful not to moisten dry dog food too much, as too much milk can act as a laxative and cause digestive issues for your dog.


Introducing Food. Your puppies’ teeth are coming in at 3 to 4 weeks of age so they are ready to experience solid food. Pick up each pup and place a small amount of food in his mouth. He will start to chew as he begins to experience this new taste. It won't take long before they adapt to the taste of solid food.


Tossing hard kibble in a food dish is not the way to introduce 4-week-old puppies to solid food. They need to be introduced to the food gradually. The kibble should be soaked in hot water until it is soft and can be mashed. Then milk replacer is added. Milk replacer is a milk supplement that is available at pet stores.


Whelping and Raising Puppies Week 4. Between 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the breed, the puppies are eating soaked kibble. Be sure to introduce the solid food slowly. Give them only a few bites of soaked kibble or up to a teaspoon of gruel the first day and gradually increase the amount. Start slowly offering a little more each day.


At about 4 weeks, (and please understand the exact age will vary, depending on the breed of puppies you have and their size etc.) you can introduce your litter of puppies to Puppy Chow! Start at ...


Puppies, like children, will take some patience if you want to introduce them to solid food. To do this, you may mix the kibble with milk, but with more of the liquid first. After that, gradually increase the amount of kibble or solid food for your puppy to eat and digest.


We feel strongly that this is NOT the time to also introduce a new food. Changing the food can be disruptive to digestion and result in diarrhea when not done properly. Along with your puppies transition you will probably already be introducing new food items in the form of treats to the puppy. ... One thought to “Time To Mush The Puppies ...


Starting puppies on solid food is an important part of their physical development and emotional growth toward independence. Help them to grow into healthy young dogs by doing it right.