The best way to know when to replace an automobile battery is to have it tested at an automotive repair shop or auto parts store. This process should be a part of the routine maintenance of the vehicle at every oil chang... More »

The average car battery lasts from three to five years, but many factors effect the lifespan of a car battery. Driving habits, climate and operating conditions effect a battery's overall durability and vary with use. More »

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Have a battery installation performed by a trained automotive professional at a shop such as Pep Boys service centers and Wal-Mart Tire & Lube, or install the battery yourself at home. To install a new battery, completel... More »

Visually inspecting the battery itself for corrosion or leaks and listening to the engine for delays or sluggishness are ways of monitoring battery health. Visible damage or fluid leaks are always signs that a new batter... More »

To jump start a car battery, expose the dead and working batteries, connect them with jump leads, start the working car, wait one minute, start the other car, wait several minutes, and unlink the batteries. This 45-minut... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance