To exfoliate your lips, apply petroleum jelly to them, and use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the top and bottom lip. Leave a small amount of petroleum jelly on your lips to retain moisture. If desired, add granulated... More »

According to the Huffington Post, exfoliating the face involves scrubbing the face with a facial scrub using upward circular motions, rinsing off with warm water and finally moisturizing. The Huffington Post suggests doi... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

One simple way to exfoliate your skin is to apply a suitable exfoliating product using a sponge and a loofah. You need an exfoliating scrub, a sponge, a loofah, a lotion and water. The process lasts for a few minutes. More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

To make lips look fuller, exfoliate them, line the bottom lip with brown eyeliner, highlight the upper lip with white eyeliner, fill in the lips with lip liner, and apply matching lipstick. This 5-minute process requires... More »

A lip scrub can be made using an exfoliating ingredient, such as sugar and a moisturizing agent, such as honey. Lip scrubs can also be made with petroleum jelly. More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Face Cleansing

To make her lips appear bigger, a woman can line them with a neutral lip liner just outside the natural lip line and use clear polish as an enhancer. Using makeup is the best way to make lips appear full without resortin... More »

A person can cure chapped lips by not licking the lips, applying lip balm or ointments and using a humidifier. Drinking water also prevents dehydration of the lips. More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care